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Cupcake Collection Gift Box

Single cupcake favor box (standard): starts at USD $2.50 (minimum order of 50)

Single cupcake favor box (mini): starts at USD $1.00 (minimum order of 50)

A classic! Treat yourself or your guests to gorgeous cupcakes topped with our yummy macarons, meringue kisses, fresh berries, food-safe flowers and/or classic sprinkles. Tell us your occasion and color palette and leave us to do the rest!

Select one cupcake flavor per order of 50.

Edible logo discs are available for corporate gifts- Inquire

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Enjoy your cupcakes freshly baked to order. We recommend that you consume your cupcakes within 1-2 days, storing only if absolutely necessary. If needed, transfer your cupcakes to an air-tight container, or wrap the gift box in plastic wrap to prevent drying out and preserve freshness. Keep the box cool in the refrigerator or out of direct sunlight. 

If choosing to refrigerate overnight (not recommended), wrap as suggested above and  remove from fridge at least 45minutes prior to serving, all the while keeping the cling wrap affixed to the gift box to ensure proper thawing conditions. Your cupcakes should be moist and soft with creamy, delicious buttercream once properly thawed. Enjoy your yummy cupcakes!

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