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made with love

Hi there! Welcome to With Love By Esther James! Home of Barbados' leading cake artisan.​ 

It all begins with a mixing bowl and spoon to stir in all the love in this world...

Apart from love, utilizing the finest, highest quality ingredients is our promise -- coverture chocolates. imported creams and butters, fresh berries, fruit preserves and house made curds, 24K gold and real Madagascar vanilla beans.

Our artisan creations are freshly made with these top-of-the-line ingredients which come together revealing the most exquisite flavors that you've ever tasted. Your cake must not only look amazing... it must taste superb!

Esther James began her career working in luxury estates in Barbados. She has catered and baked for a wide selection of affluent families, international recording artists and business magnates. 

After appearing on the hit Barbadian cooking show Eggonomics, and other local popular shows, her exposure continued with her designs featured in numerous magazines such as MunaLuchi in 2017, The Nation's 'Better Health',' Living Barbados', blog posts by One Caribbean Estates and in the 'All My Love' music video of US based pop band, Cover Drive .  More of her work has been popularly viewed on the social media platform of our very own, Rihanna.

​Since December 2011, Esther has done well to establish herself throughout the Caribbean as a respected Chef and Cake Designer.

Quite honestly the most beautiful wedding cake I've ever seen! It took my breath away. Thank you for flying all the way to The Bahamas to make my dream cake. 

Teynarae Newbold-Rolle,

Harbor Island 

The Bahamas

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