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Move aside cupcakes! French macarons are the perfect dainty, meringue-based cookie made with ground almonds and paired with a complimentary filling of chocolate ganache, buttercream, Nutella or fruit compotes. They're one of our most popular baked goods because of their delicious flavor and gorgeous appearance. Whether you are shopping for an assortment of macarons for your personal enjoyment, a custom order for an event, the perfect gift box for a loved one or corporate client or a stunning macaron tower to impress the guests at your upcoming event, we will be sure to 'wow' you with perfect taste, texture and awesome color palettes. 


Assorted Box of 6 macarons-USD $15.00

Custom Macarons: minimum order of 50+ -USD $2.50+ 

Macaron Tower: minimum order of 50+

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