Advanced payment is required for all customized orders as it secures your booking date and guarantees your space. All dates are considered open until non-refundable payments are received and policies/contracts are notably accepted and agreed upon. We accept payment by cash, all major credit cards and company cheques. We also accept PayPal Online Payments for your convenience and credit card security.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake payments must be made at least 2 months prior to the wedding day in order to secure the space. 

The couple’s cake contract will also be presented at this time and must be carefully read and signed before proceeding. Final balances are made one month prior to the wedding date.  

Party Cakes/ Small Bites/ Dessert & Candy Bars

A 50% non refundable payment is due 14 days prior to collection of your treats along with the acknowledgement that you agree and accept our policies. Final payment is required before or upon the delivery of your treats.

72hr Cake Shop

All online orders must be paid in full upon checkout.


Each designer cake that we create is custom made and costed as such. When costing our cakes we consider the number of servings required, the complexity of design elements, flavor selection and handcrafted requirements.Handcrafted flowers and figurines are extremely delicate and time-consuming to create and are therefore costed exclusively and cannot be sold separately. As a guide, our minimum order for buttercream based cakes is USD $75.00, per 12-15 servings, while the minimum order for fondant cakes is USD $125.00, per 12-15 servings. Our wedding cakes generally begin at USD $6.00 per serving. Novelty or 3D sculpted creations begin at USD $150.00.

One Tier: 6"- serves 10-12+ 

One Tier: 8"-serves 24-26+

Small Two Tier: 4",6"-serves 16-20+ 

Large Two Tier: 6",8"- serves 36+

Small Three Tier: 4",6",8"-serves 44+

Large Three Tier: 6",8",10"- serves 76+

Small Four Tier: 4",6",8",10"- serves 82+

Large Four Tier: 6",8",10",12"-serves 120+

Five Tiers +: Inquire



Budget Considerations

Generally our cakes range from 2”-8” heights depending on the cake’s design, however they typically have a standard height of 5.5”-6" H per tier. When deciding on the number of tiers required for your event, consider that it is better to overestimate rather than risking the unfortunate situation of hungry guests! However, expect some cancellations, dieters or guests with allergies. We recommend that you aim to feed at least 75% of your guests at large events. A small cake may look out of place at a grand event or reception. Consider faux cake tiers for grander cakes if you want to watch your pocket! They add height and extravagance. However, bear in mind that since most of the cost goes into design and decorating, the simpler the better when you're on a budget.  Let's help with the price comparison. Request a quote.

It’s always helpful to supply inspirational materials or images — the lace from your wedding dress, your invitation, a piece of artwork, a painting, jewelry — each element is used to create custom designs! Chances are that you’ve seen a cake featured by another cake artisan, those are welcomed, however we are not in the business of making a carbon copy of another designer’s creation. We may use similar elements but tailor it to your specific needs.


Kindly note that With Love By Esther James is not held liable or responsible for the poor handling and care of cake after it has been collected or delivered. Upon collection/delivery the cake is considered “accepted” after inspection and is the sole responsibility of the customer after it leaves our premises. With Love by Esther James will not accept claims of negligence made by customer. 

Take note of the following care instructions to guarantee satisfaction but are not limited to these instructions:


Our cakes taste their best when served and eaten just below room temperature. This ensures that your buttery cakes are soft and moist with a fluffy buttercream.


All cakes and baked goods must be kept in a cool, dry environment such as an air-conditioned room or refrigerator. By no means should your treats be left in a hot vehicle or in direct sunlight. Store all treats in the refrigerator after cutting, being certain to place cling wrap on all exposed cake to ensure a shelf life of at least 4-7 days and prevent drying out. For maximum freshness and an increased shelf life, wrap treats twice in cling wrap and once in foil. Always store treats in a tightly sealed cake box in the refrigerator. Before serving refrigerated cakes, remove from the refrigerator at least 45m-1hr prior to serving to ensure soft, moist cakes with fluffy buttercream and/or fillings.



  • Stacked Cakes

For cakes with inserted flowers or sugar work, carefully remove all inserted decor first with long nosed pliers, tweezers or a pair of tongs. Relying solely on your hands to remove these pieces may cause damage. Remove visible straws or dowels using the same tools. 

Your entire cake structure is internally supported by a central support dowel running through the entire height of the cake. Therefore aim to lift each tier of cake up with a steady hand before pulling it away, sliding a cake spatula under each tier for added support.

Remove the support dowels from the cake tiers below and continue lifting each tier up the central support dowel with a steady hand until all of the cakes are separated.


  • Double Barrel Cakes (Extended Tiers)

A double barrel cake consists of two individual cake tiers of the same height and width, essentially stacked on top of each other. To ensure that the cake structure is sturdy and secure, internal support dowels are inserted in the bottom layers separated by a central cake board to support the top layers of cake. A central support dowel may support the entire structure. 

To disassemble cake, focus on cutting through the entire top half of the cake, stopping when you hit the central cake board. After the first half is removed, lift the central cake board up the central support dowel, remove the support dowels from the base layers using tweezers, long nose pliers or a pair of tongs and continue slicing and serving your cake.



  • Sharp Knives Only

Utilize a clean, sharp cerated knife to cut your cake. When slicing the cake it is best to gently saw through the layers of cake rather than to press down on the entire length of the blade at once.

  • Clean Knife After Insertions

Utilize a large, hot pitcher of water to dip knife before each cut. After each insertion, use a clean paper towel to wipe the blade clean. ​


Delivery and setup is complimentary for all cakes and treats.


Kindly note that With Love By Esther James is not held liable or responsible for the poor handling and care of macarons after they have been collected or delivered. Upon collection/delivery the macarons are considered “accepted” after inspection of your package.  They are the sole responsibility of the customer after leaving our premises. With Love by Esther James will not accept claims of negligence made by customer. 

Take note of the following care instructions to guarantee satisfaction but are not limited to these instructions:

  • Store macarons within a cool environment-never in direct heat or sunlight.

  • Macarons should be stored in an airtight container within the refrigerator for a maximum of 5 days to be at their optimum flavor and freshness after purchase.


  • Macarons taste their best at room temperature or slightly chilled for a chewy mac with an ever so slight crunch!

  • For maximum freshness and taste, wrap your macaron box in plastic wrap before storing in the refrigerator or transfer macarons to an airtight container. Remove the macarons from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes prior to serving.


Our tasting session takes you on a journey of our signature flavor menu. The session involves a minimum of 4-6 cake flavors and fillings on the menu. We are happy to provide additional flavors however these incur an added cost. Kindly note that this is a paid service which involves a maximum of two guests. Sessions generally take an average of 45 minutes. All packages are charged however, this charge is deducted from your invoice upon booking with us for all orders over USD $500.00. If you would like to secure your wedding date and make your non-refundable deposit, the tasting session is considered complimentary. 


“So Basic” Package:

4 cake flavors

Infused water

USD $20.00


“The Full Works” Package:

6 cake flavors

Infused water

Choice of wine or sparkling cider

USD $35.00

allergy info

We are not an allergy free kitchen. We openly handle several allergens throughout our kitchen, including dairy, tree nuts, eggs, wheat and others. However, our menu of flavors can be tweaked to accommodate any food intolerances that you may have. Kindly request gluten free, nut free or vegan friendly cakes respectively. 



We have gorgeous stands to accompany your cakes!

We hire stands and platters to clients who have ordered cakes from us. Our rentals begin at USD $25.00 and may require a refundable security bond for some stands in case of loss or damage. 

Our stands and platters can be rented for a maximum of 3 business days after which a late fee is incurred. 

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