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Sheet cakes are a great addition to your dessert table! Whether your wedding cake is simple or extravagant, the accompaniment of sheet cakes is a sure way to feed at least 80% or more of your guests and save money at the same time!

Apart from the dessert option, sheet cakes can be pre-cut and packaged into individual gift boxes to be used as wedding favors/gifts.

Sheet cakes are created with two delicious layers of cake and one layer of decadent buttercream or filing. After, sheet cakes are covered in our fluffy, Swiss Meringue buttercream and designed to mimic the main wedding cake design. Sheet cakes are pre-cut before delivery.

Sheet cakes start at USD $1.50 per portion. 

Final cost is dependent on flavor choice and design complexity. 

1/2 Sheet: serves 48

1"x2" slices

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