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Talking Wedding Prep | The Truth About Cake Tastings

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Wedding season has officially sprung up on us. Each bride has a unique and diverse taste so we recommend having a one-on-one session if at all possible. Let's face it, everything is just better with good cake involved. We schedule at least 45 minutes to an hour of your time to do the major taste testing and wine sipping, comparing cake flavors and textures and deciding on the preferred buttercreams and frostings!. But it's not just about the cake. So here's the truth about these cake tastings to better prepare you for your future wedding consultation.

What to consider before the consultation:

Before your tasting date is set up, decide on your flavor preferences. What are your likes and dislikes? Consider our best sellers if you're uncertain of what to choose. With Love's team prepares a menu of flavors on most months during the year specifically for our tasting couples. Although we share our very specific menu, we encourage you to discuss your preferences so that we can tailor our menu to your needs. It's also of upmost importance that you share any food allergies and intolerance with us ahead of time.

Here are the details of how our tastings are priced which both include the complimentary consultation directly after you indulge in cake!

Our tasting session involves a minimum of 4-6 cake flavors and fillings on the menu. We are happy to provide additional flavors however these incur an added cost. Kindly note that this is a paid service which involves a maximum of two guests. Sessions generally take an average of 45 minutes. All packages are charged, however, this charge is deducted from your invoice upon booking with us for all orders over USD $500.00. If you would like to secure your wedding date and make your non-refundable deposit, the tasting session is considered complimentary. Reserve your session using our booking form in the "Quote" section of this site.

“So Basic” Package: 4 cake flavors Infused water USD $15.00 “The Full Works” Package: 6 cake flavors Infused water Choice of wine or sparkling cider USD $60.00

Apart from the cake flavor details, create your vision ahead of time. Browse our wedding portfolio, spend hours on Pinterest and gather your favorite inspirational images for the cake design. Consider having the details of the invitation or lace from your wedding dress replicated on the cake.

Things to discuss at the tasting & consultation:
  • On the day of your tasting let's get to know each other: Why did you decide on our bakery? How did you meet and how did he propose? A great relationship with our clients is super important before we get into all of the other details. We believe in forming life long relationships with all of our couples.

  • Next, let's discuss the important details:

  1. Wedding Date

  2. Color scheme: Mixed metals and foliage are so in right now. Of course you can pull away from what's trending and select your ultimate, favorite color palette! Have fun with it, keeping it clean and elegant.

  3. Reception Venue: It's important to know the nature of the environment that the cake will be situated in for the entirety of the event- with garden venues, we need to ensure that your planner provides us with a sturdy platform for the provided table to sit on.

  4. Approximate guest count

  5. Time of day for wedding and reception: We ideally prefer to setup our cakes away from direct heat or sunlight, closer to sunset for outdoor weddings. However for indoor, well-ventilated rooms or rooms with Air-condition, there is usually no restriction with delivery times.

  6. Display Ideas: What about an ethereal hanging cake or a magical, skyscraper style cake on a gorgeous plateau?! Make it count!

  7. Theme: They're so many choices between Rustic/Bohemian, Clean and Classic, Blinged Elegance...the options are endless!

  8. Vision & Cake Design: Let's discuss your Pinterest Board or design ideas gathered ahead of time.

  • Let's move on to a very important topic...moolah! What's your budget? Discuss this very important detail ahead of time and visit our website for guidance on how our cakes are costed. Sometimes cake tastings and consultations are a huge wake up call but our job is to ensure we keep within your budget while giving you the quality cake that you deserve. It's not expected for you to know the ins and outs of cake design and how much it costs for us to stay in operation! We'll be sure to discuss both budget and payment options.

  • Cake Finish: Buttercream, Ganache or Fondant? Buttercream is most suited to rustic themed cakes, ganache explores textures and smooth finishes and fondant is classic, clean and smooth.

  • Add-Ons: Maybe you want an 8 tier + cake but don't need all of the servings- no problem! Faux cake is the new cake! The beauty in faux cake is being able to go completely extravagant with the height and design. We can add Swarovski crystals without the guilt!

  • Vendor Details: To create the overall vision, it's nice to discuss vendor details like your planner or day-of coordinator, florist and photographer/videographer. All of these intricate details help us to conceptualize the little design details.

  • Winning Cake Flavors: After you've indulged in cake heaven, you can decide on your specific cake flavors for each cake tier right on the spot!

What to expect after your consultation:

By the end of your consultation, the ball is in your court as to the bakery that you will hire.

We've discussed quite a lot at this point so now we have a lot to plan whether we sketch a few design options or compile cake design descriptions and imagery to consider. By the time your consultation is complete, we should be able to help with finalizing your concept. A quotation is prepared based on these design concepts. Stay in touch so that we are aware of all the details as planning progresses and any possible changes along the way.

Next available tasting dates: May 30th and 31st, 2019

Photography by: WaterGate Media c/o Anton Nixon

Crockery: Dwellings Barbados, Natz' Home Furnishings

Cutlery: and Walkers World Barbados

Linen: Gajah Home

Featured Cake Flavors: Red Velvet, Piña Colada, Birthday Cake, Blueberry Bomb Dot Com, Lemon Berry Lush

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