The Gift Box | Mother's Day

The Gift Box | Mother's Day

The Gift Box for Mother's Day 2021 is the perfect indulgent treat box for your "best mom ever"! Gift boxes are packaged with the following treats:


  • NEW! Cheesecake Popsicle
  • NEW! Heart Shaped Truffle
  • Mini Cookies
  • Gorgeous Cupcakes
  • Layered Mini Cake
  • French Macarons
  • Donut


Customization of gift boxes is not available within the 72hr cake shop. Preorder now while stocks last!


Scroll down for "Flavor Breakdown".


Price displayed in USD.

  • Serving Suggestion

    Order multiple boxes  for additional flavor options and greater servings!


    The Gift Box:

    • Serves 2
  • Flavor Breakdown

    Here is a breakdown of our signature flavors available. These flavors are subject to change or may become unavailable according to high demand. 


    Cheesecake Popsicle:

    Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicle filled with lemon cake, lemon raspberry cheesecake and coated in white chocolate



    Heart Shaped Truffle:

    Layers of moist Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Mousse encased in  white chocolate 



    Mini Cookies:

    Iced Vanilla Shortbread 



    Gorgeous Cupcakes:

    • Dreamy Carrot Cake. Moist carrot cake baked with a hint of cardamon and roasted almonds. Topped with lemon infused cream cheese buttercream 


    • Milk and Cookies (Oreo). Crushed Oreos folded into vanilla cake filled with cookies and cream ganache and topped with American buttercream


    One cupcake is covered with Vegan Marshmallow Fondant

    Request no nuts if applicable



    Layered Mini Cake:

    Assorted flavors may include Vanilla Birthday, Lemon Berry, Baileys Caramel, Vanilla Rum Cake, Piña Colada or Spiced Vanilla Rum Cake



    French Macarons:

    • Cotton Candy
    • Salted Caramel 



    Mini Donut:

    Rich, moist chocolate cake donut iced with royal icing

  • Allergy Warning!

    • Some treats may be made with tree nuts. Kindly indicate your allergy.
    • All treats are made with gluten and dairy.
    • Some treats may include a low percentage of alcohol or alcohol based extracts.
  • Care Instructions

    Our gift boxes are made fresh to order to ensure maximum freshness and we recommend that you enjoy them upon receipt. Some treats require refrigeration to maintain quality. We recommend refrigeration if not consuming upon receipt. Our treats are carefully packaged in food-safe boxes and may be stored within this packaging until service. Be certain to keep treats out of direct sunlight or heat to prevent melting. If storing for multiple days, to preserve freshness be sure to first wrap the entire box in cling wrap or transfer treats to an airtight container before storing.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    • Since we deliver to your door or event, we accept no claims of damage to our baked goods. All cakes and mini treats are considered acceptable after inspection of your package at the point of delivery.
    • Under no condition will we issue refunds to our baked goods or accept returns.
  • Delivery

    • Available for island-wide delivery at a standard rate of USD $5.00.
    • Delivery times vary according to traffic, order quantity, schedules and distance from our studio to your final destination. 
    • Prompt or scheduled delivery times are not promised.