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Macaron Gift Box surrounded by fresh flowers
  • French Macs Gift Box

    The highly sought after macaron is here to stay! These adorable French cookies make the sweetest gift or irresistable treat for yourself! They're perfectly chewy with a creamy filling in the center. 


    Allergy Alert: Macarons contain almond nuts.


    Customization of the macarons is not available within the cake store. Kindly seek a quotation for this service-visit our 'Quote' section.


    Planning ahead? No problem! Order this gift box in our 'Quote' section. 

    • Serving Suggestion

      We recommend two macarons per person (if you dare to share!). Order multiple boxes for additional flavor options and greater servings!


      • 6-box
    • Care Instructions

      Kindly note that With Love By Esther James is not held liable or responsible for the poor handling and care of macarons after they have been delivered.  With Love by Esther James will not accept claims of negligence made by customer. 

      Take note of the following care instructions to guarantee satisfaction but are not limited to these instructions:


      • Store macarons within a cool environment-never in direct heat or sunlight.


      • Macarons should be stored in an airtight container within the refrigerator for a maximum of 5 days to be at their optimum flavor and freshness after purchase.


      • Macarons taste their best at room temperature or slightly chilled for a chewy mac with an ever so slight crunch!

      • For maximum freshness and taste, wrap your macaron box in plastic wrap before storing in the refrigerator or transfer macarons to an airtight container. Remove the macarons from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes prior to serving. 


      Enjoy your delicious macarons!

    • Return & Refund Policy

      • Since we deliver to your door or event, we accept no claims of damage to our baked goods. All cakes and mini treats are considered acceptable after inspection of your package at the point of delivery.
      • Under no condition will we issue refunds to our baked goods or accept returns. 


    • Delivery

      • Available for island-wide delivery.
      • Delivery times vary according to traffic, order quantity, schedules and distance from our studio to your final destination. 
      • Prompt or scheduled delivery times are not promised.
      • We deliver from Wednesday through to Sunday between the hours of 12pm-7pm.
    • Styling & Extra Details

      1. The Cake Shop is a "first come, first served" ordering process. There are limited spaces available per week.
      2. Sprinkles, colors and decorations may vary from the pictured design.

    • Flavor Breakdown

      Flavor selections are limited in the cake shop. Here is a breakdown of our signature flavors available. These flavors are subject to change or may become unavailable according to high demand.


      Macaron Ingredients: Shell contains almond flour, confectionary sugar, granulated sugar, egg whites, gel paste color, varying toppings.

      Fillings vary according to the macaron flavor- ganache, fruit curds, compotes, nut butters and buttercream are some of our favorites.

      • Peach: Salted Caramel with surprise oozy caramel center
      • Cream: French Vanilla Bean
      • Green with nuts: Pistachio
      • Lilac: Passion Fuit
      • Red: Red Velvet
      • Dipped Chocolate Brown with nuts: Ferrero Rocher
      • Red dipped in Chocolate: Chocolate dipped Strawberries
      • Dusty Blue: Earl Grey X Lemon
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