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Firework Candles

Firework Candles

Add our firework candles to your cakes for that extra flare- 'cuz you're extra! Who doesn't love an over-the-top celebration?!


  • Size: 5" Long, 0.5" diameter
  • Burn time: Approximately 30 secs
  • Sold individually
  • Single-use


Disclaimer: With Love By Esther James is not responsible for irresponsible use of candles. 


  • Care Instructions

    • Keep candles stored in packaging until ready for use.
    • When candles are lit using a match or lighter, they burn for an average of 30 seconds with a 10 inch sparkling, almost smokeless flame
    • Food safe- suited for celebration cakes
    • 1" plastic spikes are affixed to base of candles for easy insertion into cake
    • Ensure that before lighting sparkler candle, cake toppers, flammable items and individuals are at a safe distance away from sparkling flames for safety
  • Return & Refund Policy

    Under no condition will we issue refunds or accept returns. Unlikely damages to our product results in store credit of the same product or value.

  • Delivery

    • Available for island-wide delivery.
    • Delivery times vary according to traffic, order quantity, schedules and distance from our studio to your final destination. 
    • Prompt or scheduled delivery times are not promised.
    • We deliver from Wednesday through to Sunday between the hours of 12pm-7pm.
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