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With love's VALENTINE'S Day | gift guide

It's officially four days until the big day..'ed up day...okay we'll stop now! Whatever you choose to call it, February 14th is fast approaching and we all know what that means! That is, if you celebrate the day! At With Love, we're a sucker for love and romance! Guess that just tells you where our business name comes from! We absolutely love to celebrate Valentine's Day but it's super challenging deciding on a gift so if you're like us, we want to help! Unfortunately we won't be open for Valentine's Day this year but we still want to share our thoughts. So after much deliberation, we've decided on a few perfect gift ideas that'll suit varying personalities! Whether you're gifting bae or your bff, we think you'll find some of these gift ideas pretty useful. Feel free to mix things up and have some fun!

So let's get started...


The Classics

  1. Fresh Florals: in our assessment, #flowers are every girls best friend! One of our personal favorite florists is @SimplyFlowersBarbados. Get creative with various color palettes and gorgeous, unique blooms. Step away from the traditional rose and explore variations of unique fresh flowers. Researching various fresh flower bouquets on Pinterest is a sure way to finding unique color combinations that your local florist can visualize and put together a gorgeous bouquet.

  2. Spa Day: who doesn't love to be pampered?! Treating your loved one to a #spaday is a winner. We've never been disappointed with the #ChakraSpa at @AccraBeachHotelAndSpa. Explore your own personal faves for deals and specials.

  3. Candlelight Dinner Date: We're a sucker for Asian cuisine and overall fantastic food and great service! @FusionRooftop leaves a lasting impression and 'brownie points'. It's safe to say that you'll have a new favorite date spot after you've indulged there for #dinner.

  4. Jewelry: Decide on your budget and select a timeless piece that'll make a great impression- maybe a watch or a decide. Make it special.

The D.I.Y

  1. Personalized Chocolate Basket: Building your own gift shows serious sentimental value. Collecting your loved one's favorite #chocolates is beyond easy to do and shows them that you're vigilant of their likes. We suggest visiting a craft shop for a cute basket, gift paper, cellophane and some pretty ribbon to package up a ton of chocolate for your sweetheart.

  2. Hand-written card: If you're an avid Instagram user, I'm sure you think up some clever quotes to post! Surely you can put some thought into some meaningful words to place in your Hallmark #card or go a step further and create your own!

  3. Framed Photos: In this digital age, sometimes we forget that printed pics are classic! This Valentine's Day, gather up some memorable #photos and frame them for him or her.

The Budget-Friendly

  1. Netflix & Chill: Make things interesting and select your favorite #Netflix movie, pop some popcorn, kick your feet up and relax. We find this super romantic and budget-friendly.

  2. Home cooked dinner: Home-cooked #dinners may seem daunting but are so worth-it! Your loved one will appreciate the effort. You'll be sure to rack up those 'brownie points!'

  3. Breakfast beach picnic: Put together some easy continental breakfast treats like muffins, croissants, fresh berries and chopped fruits, yogurts and juices in a #picnic basket and cuddle on the beach. Go early enough to catch the sunrise. Remember to walk with some blankets to get comfy and some champagne flutes to make a toast.

We hope that you consider some of these great gift ideas and feel inspired to be creative and

'wow' your bae this Valentine's Day!

Have an amazing V-Day from all of us at With Love By Esther James!


Kindly note that the businesses mentioned are located in Barbados and WLBEJ is not affiliated with their brand nor is this a paid promotional service.

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